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US5275261A - Electromagnetic brake/clutch device - Google ...

An electromagnetic brakeclutch device includes a drive shaft supported by at least one bearing for transmitting torque a housing affixed to prevent its rotation surrounding the drive shaft and an electromagnetically activated device within the housing to selectively prevent and allow rotation of the drive shaft. The electromagnetically activated device includes a plurality of cammed ...

Torque Limiter Tension Controls Magnetic Clutches and ...

Capping Clutches. Electromagnetic Tension. Magnetic Particle. Permanent Magnet and Hysteresis. Sensing Devices. Torque Limiters. Contact Us. Warner Electric 449 Gardner St. South Beloit IL 61080 - USA Phone: 1-800-825-6544 Email: Quick

Electromagnetic Clutches and Couplings ScienceDirect

Chapter 2 describes the possible fields of application design construction and utilization of magnetic particle couplings. The aspects of construction design and utilization of induction clutches slip clutches which provide the solution to the problems of speed control with ventilator loads are covered in Chapters 3 and 4.

Powder Brake & Clutches-Torque Control Devices - Magnetic ...

Clutch Type: powder clutchmagnetic powder clutchparticle clutchmagnetic particle clutchvariable torque clutch: Speed: upto 18000 rpm depending on corresponding torque: Weight: depends on Torque rating: Temperature: powder clutch is suitable for its surface temperature upto 110 Deg C: UsageApplication


Details about MEROBEL EFAS50F ELECTRO MAGNETIC PARTICLE CLUTCHBRAKE NEW MEROBEL EFAS50F ELECTRO MAGNETIC PARTICLE CLUTCHBRAKE NEW Item Information. Condition: New – Open box. Price: US 1080.00. 45 for 24 monthsopens a installment calculator layer 45 for 24 months. Minimum purchase required.

The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes ...

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes come in many forms including tooth multiple disc hysteresis and magnetic particle. However the most widely used version is the single-face design. Elements ...

MWC Electromagnetic Multiple-Disk Clutch -- MWC-10

Electromagnetic Particle Slip Clutches metric -- S90BPLMS08199035 Stock Drive Products amp; Sterling Instrument - SDPSI Magnetic Particle Clutch -- ERAT 350

The direction of the magnetic force on a m... Clutch Prep

Join Clutch Prep. Get a better grade with hundreds of hours of expert tutoring videos for your textbook. ... The direction of the magnetic force on a moving charged particle in a magnetic field is . A. both perpendicular to the velocity and perpendicular to the magnetic field.

Magnetic Clutches & Brakes - Motion Industries

Magnetic clutches transmit torque. They consist of a coil armature rotating rotor and output hub. The coil uses an electric current to generate an electromagnetic field which draws the armature to make contact with the rotor. This contact transmits torque to the output hub. Magnetic clutches provide constant torque access across a motor's ...

Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes Kendrion

Magnetic particle brakes amp; clutches: The main characteristic of the magnetic particle clutch is the possibility to smoothly change the torque depending on the field voltage. The torque is transmitted through a fine-grained iron powder. The torque is alterable. Find out more

Magnetic Particle Brakes Clutches & Torque Limiters

Magnetic Particle Brakes Clutches amp; Torque Limiters. MEROBEL is a well-known solutions supplier for Converting Printing Packaging Industries as well as for Automation Material Handling Wire and Cable and Test rigs. MEROBEL offers a wide portfolio of dedicated products: high technology mechatronic components such as ElectroMagnetic Particle Brakes amp; Clutches Web Tension Controllers and

MAGNETIC PARTICLE - Electromagnetic Clutches and …

MAGNETIC PARTICLE CLUTCH SERIES 51-OPC SG Transmission 20 Longfield Road South Church Enterprise Park Bishop Auckland County Durham UK DL14 6XB Tel: 44 01388 770 360 Fax: 44 01388 779 197 Model Figure 1 Figure 2 51-OPC 5 51-OPC 10 51-OPC 20 51-OPC 40 51-OPC 80

Magnetic Particle Clutch -- EAT 120 - GlobalSpec

MAGNETIC PARTICLE CLUTCH -- EAT 120 Andantex USA Inc. Contact Information 1705 Valley Road Wanamassa NJ 07712 USA Phone: 800 713-6170. Fax: 732 493-2949 Business Type: Manufacturer Sole Distributor. Supplier Profile. Supplier Website Email Supplier ...

Magnetic particle CLUTCH C35 1 to 35 lb.-in.

Magnetic particle CLUTCH C35 CHARACTERISTICS - With no electrical excitation the input shaft amp; output shaft freely rotate. With electrical excitation the input shaft becomes coupled to the output shaft. Torque is proportional to input current see torque graph and independent of slip RPM. While the load

Magnetic Particle Clutches 650 TDATASHEET

Magnetic Particle Clutches 1-800-226-8710 EST. 1947 D A T A S H E E Models: 650 TDATASHEET MP-C-650-N-T MP-C-650-R-T • Versatile Thru-Shaft design • Torque range to 575 in-lb 65 Nm • Radial cooling option • Easily integrates into other systems

Magnetic particle clutches and brakes - Regelgeräte

Magnetic particle clutches and brakes . Torque continuously adjustable . The characteristic feature of a magnetic particle clutch is its continuous adjustment of the torque in relation to the exciting current. A highly abrasion-resistant specially alloyed iron powder is applied to the powder gap to transmit the torque from the outside rotor to ...

Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes Warner Electric

Magnetic particle clutches and brakes provide fast response superior heat dissipation and extremely long life. Torque range to 578 lb.ft. Mechanically adjusted permanent magnet type units provide excellent repeatability and accuracy. Torque range to 300

Permanent Magnet and Magnetic Particle Clutches and …

Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes Warner Electric Precision Tork magnetic particle clutches and brakes are unique because of the wide operating torque range available. Torque to current is almost linear and can be controlled very accurately. The unique features of the magnetic particle clutches and brakes make them ideal for ...

Electromagnetic Clutch Electromagnetic Brake Permanent ...

Magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes ClutchBrake combination units operate upon powercurrent; they are a high performance solution for startstop operations. Mag-Particle device offer variable torque based on powercurrent supplied to special iron powder between the stator and rotor.

MP-Series Magnetic Particle Clutches

Magnetic Particle Clutches NEW Smooth repeatable high quality performance with no dust! Ideal for clean room and other sensitive environments the MP-Series provides the precise smooth torque control you require from core to full roll maximizing your process capabilities. Sizes

MAGPOWR SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle Clutches and …

MAGPOWR SOFSTEP Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes Torque is the power behind tension control but it’s useless if there’s no regulation or guidance. The original SOFSTEP brakes with MAGPOWR controls are popular throughout the industry because of the smooth controllable torque they provide for power transmission and tension applications.

Magnetic Clutches - Motion Industries

Motion Industries has a wide range of Mechanical Power Transmission Clutches Brakes amp; Drive Components Clutches amp; Brakes Magnetic Clutches amp; Brakes Magnetic Clutches available for all applications. Keeping your industry in motion since 1972!

Magnetic Particle Recovery of Serial Numbers (Technical ...

Oct 01 2003 articleosti832893 title Magnetic Particle Recovery of Serial Numbers author Utrata D and Johnson M J abstractNote One method used by crime labs to recover obliterated serial numbers in steel firearms ferrous samples is the magnetic particle technique. The use of this method is predicated on the detection of metal deformation present under stamped serial numbers

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes - Ogura Industrial Corp

Ogura offers clutches and brakes for applications requiring .01 oz. to 25000 lb.ft. of torque.There are approximately 3000 different clutch models available. Besides an extensive standard product line we also have the flexibility to handle special designs or modifications for our customers.


Our magnetic particle clutches and brakes are unique because of the wide operating torque range available. We offer units with a torque rating of .4 in-oz up to 240 lb-in. Torque to current is almost linear and can be controlled very accurately even at extremely slow speeds. The unique features of the magnetic particle clutches and brakes make ...

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Principles of Operation:When power to the magnetic coil is cut the magnetic field on the yoke collapses and the plate is no longer attracted. It is pulled back by the spring and motion transmission is cut.When the magnetic coil is energized the yoke is magnetized and draws the armature plate over. This causes friction between the lining on the yoke and the armature and the clutch is engaged.

S.F.U range of magnetic particle coupling clutches Sales ...

S.F.U range of magnetic particle coupling clutches Sales Repairs and Servicing Magnetic Particle coupling Clutch Sales repairs servicing for the entire SFU range of clutchescovering the SFU 200 300 500 700 Particle coupling clutch

"System Analysis of a Bi-Stable Magnetic Particle Clutch ...

Schweizer Philipp F. System Analysis of a Bi-Stable Magnetic Particle Clutch Positioning System 1963. Master's Theses 1922-2009 Access restricted to Marquette Campus . 4132.

Circular motion in a magnetic field

Since their movement is always perpendicular to the force magnetic forces do no work and the particle's velocity stays constant. Since the force is F qvB in a constant magnetic field a charged particle feels a force of constant magnitude always directed perpendicular to its motion. The result is

Controls Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes Kendrion

The Controller 14.422 serves to excite the magnetic particle clutches and brakes. The excitation current can be influenced by a dancer potentiometer or a master voltage. The built-in current controller ensures that despite varying coil temperature the current is constant.